We always aim to offer a full range of services to meet our residents’ needs, whatever they may be. The list below details everything on offer at this home, if you’re looking for something that’s not available here, contact us to find out if one of our other homes may be better suited to your needs.

Personal Care

Assistance with grooming

We provide personal grooming as well as shaving with an electric razor.

Assistance with eating

We offer practical home help with cooking meals diet selection and feeding.

Assistance with dressing

Help with maintaining personal hygiene with dignity and respect.

Assistance with bathing

Help with daily personal routines such as washing, dressing and getting ready in the morning.

Assistance with medication reminders

We help manage medication and promote a healthy diet.

Assistance with incontinence

We provide toilet assistance and incontinence care.

Monitoring Visits

Check food expirations

We offer practical home help monitoring all foods in the kitchen for expiry.

Monitor diet and eating

We offer practical home help with cooking meals diet selection and feeding

Taking out garbage

General cleaning or one off cleaning tasks and tidying and dusting.

Assistance with laundry

We can help with any general domestic duties, including cleaning and laundry.

Medication reminders

Manage medication and promote a healthy diet and gentle exercise.

Dementia Care

Provide Dementia Care

We provide consistent company and stable routines proven to help manage Dementia.

Shopping Assistance

Help with everyday tasks such as getting up and being prepared for the day as well as shopping.


Specialist activities and interaction including reminiscence, life histories, cognitive stimulation therapy, advanced communications and behavioral support.

Maintain good health and nutrition

We promote, healthy eating, balanced diet and help get some exercise. The longer you stay fit and healthy, the better your quality of life will be.

Assistance with walking

Physical assistance and support to move safely around the home.

Companionship & Social Networking

Offer companionship and conversation

We provide frequent companionship and conversation for the elderly in our care.

Provide respite care

Family members, or other guardians, need to be relieved due or holidays or other respite needs.

Buy magazines, papers and books

Help with shopping for newspapers ,handling mail and helping with household bills.

Visit neighbours and friends

Help with organising days out such as meeting friends and family.

Support letter writing

Want to write to a loved one, friend or pen-pal? We can help and support you with letter writing or assist you with filling in forms or write your shopping list.

Live-in Care

Specialist Services

Live-in Care

Our live-in carers provide in the home, round-the-clock care for people who are frail and vulnerable and are available from waking until bedtime and are there in case they are needed during the night.

End of life care

Our dedicated End of Life Care team is specially trained to support those with terminal conditions, and work closely with the relevant health care professionals to ensure you receive the best possible care.

IT Support

IT Assistance

Our caregivers can assist you with basic IT support by helping you with online shopping from your computer to using Microsoft Office. If you require assistance with installing software or helping you choose the right equipment to meet your needs contact our office and we will send someone out to you who has the relevant IT skills to help you.

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