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Will my relative have a regular carer?

Our goal at Classique Care is to match your loved one with the right caregiver until your and your family is satisfied and happy. We understand that a strong rapport and trust with your caregiver is important to a successful care experience.

What will happen if my relative’s regular carer is off sick?

If a carer is sick or on holiday then another fully trained carer will be sent in their place and you would be notified of this.

What happens if a carer is unable to get to my relative because of adverse weather conditions or a traffic accident?

We have locally managed teams which means that in the unusual event that your carer can’t get out to you, an alternative carer would be sent and you would be notified of this.

How many different carers are likely to visit my relative?

We like to send the same care givers to our clients but due to staffing levels this may vary at times.

What sort of training do the carers receive?

All staff will have regular core training including topics such as; caring for vulnerable adults, manual handling, CPR, first aid and infection control.
Additional training will be based on the needs of the clients and the employees aspirations following appraisals.

Do they have an induction period?

All care givers will receive on-the-job training and will be expected to take part in a 12-week induction program.

This will be based on national minimum standards of care, which cover areas such as:
• the role of the health and social care worker
• equality and inclusion
• principles of safeguarding
• person-centred support
• health and safety

How often is their training updated?

The mandatory training will be updated annually

What qualifications do they have?

All staff will have as a minimum NVQ or QCF level 2 and will have undergone the Skills for Care Common Induction Standards.

Are all your carers checked and references taken?

All carers undergo a CRB and POVA search and we take at least 3 references. POVA (Protection of Vulnerable Adults) scheme is a register of professionals who have harmed vulnerable adults in their care. We do not employ anyone who is on this list.

Will carers keep written records of the care that has been given, and accurate timesheets for my relative to sign?

Carers are required to keep a detailed record of the care given to a service user; this must be recorded immediately after care. The records must be factual and must be signed and dated by the carer and be available for the service user to read. The time sheet will always be accurate as it is monitored by a full scheduling software to manage our clients and staff, we’re able to get real-time data on when caregivers arrive and leave a client’s home, what services they performed and are alerted to any potential issues that may arise.

Can copies of the records be sent to me if I want them?

Records of care can only be accessed/made available to the named next of kin

How will you match the most suitable carer to my relative?

We always consider personalities and will take into account anything that is disclosed at the assessment. Our registered manager will usually visit you for the first few calls to get to know you better and will then introduce you to your assigned carers. We aim to match carers to clients as closely as possible and to maintain continuity whenever we can.

Will you be able to find carer(s) that can visit at the time my relative needs care?

It generally depends on the amount of service you need. If you require extensive hours or 24-hour care, it is only practical to have more than one caregiver coming on a shift basis. But we will certainly strive for continuity with the staff that is providing the care, especially when effort has been made to match the right personalities and care needs. The caregivers like it that way, too.

What happens if a carer and my relative are incompatible?

We appreciate that dynamics may arise when two people meet and if for any reason you and your care support worker do not get on, please let the Registered Manager know as soon as possible, so that we can make speedy arrangements to find you a new carer.

Could a different carer be requested?

A different carer can be requested under certain circumstances

What happens in the event of a medical emergency?

The care giver will call for emergency services and stay with your relative until help arrives, you will then be notified.

Will they notify me of any problems?

The next of kin is always notified of any issues or problems that may arise

How will carers get into your relative’s home if he/she cannot answer the door?

The simplest way to solve this is to have a Keysafe fitted to the outside of your property.  The carer-givers will then need to be told the combination code.

Do you have a standard contract for work with private clients, and can we see a copy?

Clients will have a contract with Classique Care that will explain in clear language what is being provided, the cost and how and when fees are to be paid.

What are your hourly charges?

Rates and service hours vary depending on your needs. We will be happy to speak to you to explain fees and funding in more detail; Generally, you can manage your own budget by paying privately or alternatively, you can apply for funding assistance to Social Services.

Are there any minimum charges (such as a minimum number of hours per week)?

Rates and service hours vary depending on your needs.

What happens on weekends and bank holidays?

We provide care 365 days a year. All costs and prices will be in your Client Contract

How is payment required – by cheque, direct debit or some other way?

We accept credit & debit cards, BACS payment, Standing Order and Direct Debits, please ask us for details. Invoices are sent two weekly (or monthly) in advance. Unfortunately we do not accept cheque and cash payments; please do not send cash to our offices, or pay it to any of our care givers.

How often is payment required, monthly or weekly?

Payment is required on a monthly basis.

How do you ensure quality of care is maintained?

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission under the Health & Social Care Act(2008). We are also members of the United Kingdom Homecare Association who are a professional association of home care providers. UKHCA helps organisations that provide social care (also known as domiciliary care or homecare) to people in their own homes, promoting high standards of care and providing representation with national and regional policy-makers and regulators.

What are your quality assurance policies and procedures?

We have signed the Social Care Commitment, which is the adult social care sector’s promise to provide people who need care and support with high quality services. Our policies and procedures are available for you to access and we welcome all visits to our office to meet our service users and their families and friends.

Who should we contact if we have problems with a carer or the service provided?

You need to contact the Registered Manager as soon as possible should you have any concerns or problems about your care-giver or service provided. The Registered Manager is available 8 hours a day, Monday to Friday, to discuss any aspects of your care and can visit you or talk to you on the telephone (Out of office hours if you have an immediate concern, please use our `On Call` number to contact the manager). We have a comprehensive service user guide which contains details of our complaints procedure and provides addresses and telephone numbers of our regulatory body.

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